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Quality Information

Devon Square surgery was last inspected in August 2015.

Here are a few of the comments within the report;

The service was safe. Patients we spoke with told us they felt safe, confident in the care they received and well cared for.

Patients spoke very positively about the staff employed at the practice and the level of care they received. Patients told us they felt that the practice is safe. They told us that care was given to them in accordance with their wishes and opportunities were given for informed decision making. Patients told us they felt the practice was responsive to their needs. For example, patients said that an urgent appointment could always be obtained on the day they contacted the practice and they could usually see their named GP for non-urgent visits or speak to a GP by telephone. This was reflective of the information provided on the practice website and within the practice welcome pack

The service was caring. We spoke with patients who spoke positively about the care provided at the practice. Patients told us they were treated with kindness, dignity and respect. Patients told us how well the staff communicated with them, either about their physical, mental and emotional health, health education and what was happening at the practice. Patients told us they are included in the decision making process about their care.

Patients told us they felt they had sufficient time to speak with their GP or a nurse. They said they felt supported both during and after consultations, or through any subsequent diagnosis and treatment